Many clients ask about upgrading from NASSCO PACP 6 to PACP 7. There are a few benefits.

First, NASSCO PACP 7 now has risk assessment ratings for overall pipe conditions in the PACP export files. Historically, NASSCO required the software vendor, like ITpipes, to generate this overall pipe scoring in the software database and not in the PACP export database file. Now, this information is required and included by software vendors in the PACP export file.

Second, Version 7 has coding for levee and dam inspection information. If your firm is performing inspections of levees or dams, you should consider moving to Version 7. Contact NASSCO for training.

Version 7 PACP has improved documentation with a technical update that includes background notes and NASSCO Volunteers have worked hard to ensure that documentation between the manual itself, the training program, and the software vendor certification requirements match more closely.

If you are interested in learning more about PACP 6, PACP 7 or the differences between the two, contact NASSCO here.