Check out the Trenchless Technology Magazine article about Charlotte Water’s Systematic Growth of their Pipe Inspection and Rehabilitation Program.

As the home of the original US gold rush, and now the country’s largest banking center outside of New York, Charlotte, North Carolina knows a thing or two about the value of a dollar.  That’s why Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department or CMUD) is willing to invest a few additional cents per foot when it comes to CCTV inspections. And their methods have proven to show a year over year return on their investment. 

With a current fleet of six CCTV inspection vehicles – four box trucks and two Argo 6×6 UTVs – six Charlotte Water crews are out almost every day televising sewers throughout the service area.  Additionally, outside contractors Pipe Pros and Hydrostructures are hired on yearly contracts to assist with the cleaning and televising of Charlotte Water’s 4400 miles of Sanitary Sewer.  With up to 12 trucks heading out each day, collecting data, and then delivering it, Charlotte Water knew early on that they had to implement a process to assure that 1) expectations for data quality were established up front 2) the inspection data that was collected would be organized as easily as possible and accurately correct and 3) that any inspection errors were addressed and if necessary, staff would be re-trained.

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