Dear Enraged:

Whether your data is coming from internal and/or external sources, data CONSISTENCY is key. First of all, consistency means everyone enters data the same way. It’s the difference between data that can auto sync, versus lengthy, manual processing and clean up.  Secondly, most clients are linking data sources together. Esri GIS, AMS and Work Order systems integrate with ITpipes, so it’s best to have clean data and fix data that isn’t. Further, bad data is messy and harder to find. Which leads to resenting the whole program.

Setting up a good QA/QC program saves time, saves money, and prevents headaches! The pros at ITpipes can assist with setting up your QA/QC plan, or deliver a turn-key program. This includes spec reviews, building SOP’s and creating custom manuals. Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss options. Make your life easier and your data cleaner.