2020 might have become a four-letter word, but nevertheless, like you, we persisted. Here’s a list of some newsworthy happenings from inside ITpipes:

Itpipes' sewer inspection software logo

The first 4K High-Definition camera system hit the market – RapidView’s IBAK Panoramo (mainlines) and Panoramo SI (manholes). These new digital cameras can produce up to 3,000 lines of resolution and create unfolded views of the pipe – and ITpipes responded immediately, adapting both the Mobile and Web Services to capture those images. The first systems rolled out the door to Oakland, CA, making the views from the East Bay amazing – both aboveground and underground.

Additionally, users of Envirosight’s Digisewer can now utilize ITpipes, as well. ITpipes released its Digisewer-compatible side-scanning software that allows for multiple views of the pipe, including unfolded and virtual 3D.

Ibak Rapidview 4k panoramo camera compatible with ITpipes

We’ve worked on new Asset Management and Financial Management integrations. The list included Tyler Munis, IPS Infor, and Beehive Industries. As companies keep innovating, so will ITpipes.

Tyler Munis, IPS Infor, Beehive integrate ITpipes

Munis ERP // Infor // Beehive Industries

We’ve grown! We’ve added a veteran of the industry, Mark Grabowski, as our new Business Development Manager. Mark will help with marketing, including industry relations and client outreach. Read more about it HERE:

Mark Grabowski joined ITpipes to  market pipeline inspection software
Mark Grabowski joined ITpipes

And while we’re excited about growing our team, we’re more excited about how many employees have been with us for over 10 years. Our team members are the backbone of ITpipes, and the average team member has been with ITpipes for over 6 years!

Our decade-plus veteran team members are:

Charles Prather, Services Manager // Carrie Bugner, Administrative Manager

Bob Soltysik, Project Manager // Jeremy Johnson, Development Manager

employees of ITpipes that started with WinCan America
ITpipes’ Employees with 10+ years


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