Our new support page here simplifies access to forms, remote control, and info. Check it out here: https://www.itpipes.com/support.

This includes the following (and more):

  • Remote Control Link – so tech support can help you out quickly and efficiently
  • Support Site – Request Login Link – for Clients with an active Software Subscription Agreement, registration gets you access to our Knowledgebase, Support tickets, Documentation, and Tutorials.
  • Compatibility and PC requirements – if you are buying new hardware or upgrading, check this out
  • Equipment/Hardware Shipment Form – if you are sending us a hard drive or other equipment, let us know!
  • Data Conversion Quote Request  – if you have data that needs converted, use this form.
  • Transfer Files – if you are sending us files, use this link.

See a preview of the Support page below, but be sure to check out all there is to offer on the Support Site!

Remote Control Request Login – Knowledgebase
(See Tutorial Videos Below)
Compatibility & PC requirements
Equipment/Hardware Shipment Form Data Conversion Quote Request Transfer Files