ALBUQUERQUE, NM – April 2, 2021  Infrastructure Technologies (ITpipes),  the most trusted, user-friendly platform available to manage your wastewater collection system, announces this month that it has reached a key milestone, 25 years of delivering pipeline inspection solutions to the US Market.  The newest achievement is underscored by the company’s innovative products and culture of expertise, industry parternings, and focus on client success. 

Cori Criss, Founder and CEO, is credited with pioneering the pipeline inspection software market within the United States.  In 1996, when personal computers were expensive, sparse, and almost never used as part of the pipeline CCTV inspection process, Cori saw that pipe inspections advancements were occurring in Europe.  She began importing and reselling inspection software in the US, making her debut at the 1996 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Nashville. 

Specialized software for underground pipe inspection was anything but an overnight success.  Nevertheless, Cori and her team continued in spite of the challenges and ultimately, persevered.  Twenty five years later, pipeline inspection software is a required standard in the US, and since Cori’s 1996 debut, the market has spawned eight competing software vendors.

“We are thrilled to have reached this milestone”, Cori Criss states. “It has been quite the ride over the past 25 years.  All of our growth and success are a testament to the values of hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit that our entire team embodies.”

Booth Staff at the 1999 Pumper & Cleaner Expo, Nashville (3 years in). From left to right: Joe Criss, Eli Ruvecaba, Paul Woodhouse, Charles Prather, Becky Merical, Andy Merical, Nick Molina, Sandro Caldara, and Cori Criss

In 2009, after the logistical difficulties of importing others’ software began to become too great, Cori pivoted the company.  Al Rossmeisl joined Cori and together, began developing proprietary software.  They rebranded the company as what it is known today – ITpipes.

“From the beginning, we had two goals with the company”, states Al Rossmeisl, Co-Founder and CFO.  “First, we wanted to offer best-in-class customer service and support.  Second, we wanted to partner and offer automated integrations with other industry leaders.  This includes companies such as the GIS leader, Esri, and asset management application providers like Cityworks and Cartegraph, amongst others.”

Now in 2021, ITpipes boasts an expansive and diverse client list that includes municipal agencies across the US, all ranging in size. Additionally, the client list includes many of the national contractors who serve those municipal agencies. ITpipes is proud to have not only founded an entire market segment, but to help be part of the solution when it comes to solving the nation’s crumbling underground infrastructure.  With the wisdom of the past 25 years, ITpipes looks to the next 25 years (and beyond) to provide “actionable intelligence” to pipe inspections.


About ITpipes:  

ITpipes develops platforms to allow pipeline inspections to quickly turn into actionable intelligence. ITpipes simplifies field inspections, streamlines data management, and provides powerful decision making tools for pipeline planning and prioritizing. ITpipes has proven success with many of America’s most demanding utilities, successfully moving their pipeline maintenance and rehab programs from reactive to predictive. ITpipes partners with ESRI to ensure integrated mapping and automation with client asset management systems such as Cityworks, Cartegraph, Lucity and Tyler Technologies. For more information visit